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Paddle boards

Size matters! Paddle boards come in a huge range of sizes, shapes and styles. Here we are talking about boards that are big and stable enough to fish from comfortably and there is no getting away from the fact that the bigger the board the easier it is to fish from.

So how big is big? There are three dimensions we need to consider, length, width and volume with width being the most important. Before we can recommend a certain size of board we need to know how big you are. Obviously a small light weight person can comfortably fish from a board a lot smaller than someone who might be a bit partial to a pint and a pie. So here is a chart of body weight to board width to give you a guide as to what is suitable. The chart assumes average balance ability.

Maximum rider weight up to
Min width
Ideal fishing width
Volume of board
165 ltrs
200 ltrs


250 ltrs
+ 100kg
250+ ltrs

Basically it is hard to chhose a board that is too big if you want the board primarily for fishing but if you want the board for all round use with a bit of occasional fishing then you should err toward the minimum widths recommended above.

All recommended boards are 10 to 12’ long. As mentioned the stability comes from the width and not so much from the length. The volume gives a indication of the boards “carrying capacity”, the higher the volume the mores weight it will carry.

Another desirable point to look for on a fishing SUP is tie down points. Many boards have them and they are the basis to rigging the board for fishing. They aren’t essential but they are useful. We can supply tied down anchors that you can fix to any board.

Ridged vs inflatable
Just as it sounds the boards are available either as ridged fibreglass boards or high pressure inflatable boards. Here is a chart to help you decide which would suit you best.

Hard board


Both the same Same


“Hook proof” but can be damaged on rocks or dropping on tarmac

Most durable but you need to think about large hooks. If using large treble hooks consider using a “rubber landing mat”. You can drop a inflatable board on rocks etc and it will be fine.


Transport will have to be on a roof rack.

Inflatable boards roll up into their own carry bag and can easily fit in a car boot.
Set up time 2 minutes to get on the water 5 minutes with a electric pump, 15 minutes with a manual pump.
Other uses Hard boards often have fittings to take windsurf rigs Inflatable boards are better for going down rivers as the bounce off rocks. Also safer for young children with regards banging their head on the board when messing around in waves etc.

So there are the facts, it is a personal decision as to which type of board suits you best. I use both. If you have any doubts about the durability of the inflatable boards watch this video


There are many boards that suit SUP fishing but here are our recommendations.

JP Outback

Available with a specail fishing rack including rod holders. - Super stable parallel outline and the sharp displacement bow ensure an effortless and silent glide. Apart from standard fittings like multiple bungee tie downs, FCS nose plugs for GoPro or the JP standard windsurfing option, the Outback comes with cooler tie-down inserts, inserts for the JP Fishing Rack (sold separately) and a very special and unique storage system – the Light Capsule! The Light Capsule has a transparent bottom that lets you put in a flashlight of your choice for an amazing night paddling sensation! You can, of course use it to store car keys, your favorite drink or even tackle bait. 

These boards are special order only so please contact us about availability and to pre order one. Price £1399



Here is the JP Outback set up for some pike fishing. Note the aluminium fishing rack. The board has fittings to attach the rack. The rack has duel rod holders but I fitted two extra scotty rod holders and a paddle holder clip. It is good that the rods are a bit higher making them more easily accessible. There is a tackle seat box with tackle storage on top and then space for clothing etc in the lower part of the box. On the deck of the board you can see my stake out pole with extension handle and also my landing net. The board also features a coke can holder with a clear base so you can look down through the board.

JP Adventure air

How do you improve a Swiss-Army knife of paddleboards? Add more options and make it lighter! The Adventurair has learned to windsurf in addition to white water paddling, fishing and touring. We have moved the Scotty mount to the tail of the board and increased the tail width for greater stability. The wide array of bungee straps, D-rings and handles are the standard. The quad setup with four 3” short soft fins is there for those shallow river pockets or white water action.

These boards are special order only so please contact us about availability and to pre order one. Price £1199


A wide and stable board - £1099





We can supply various Starboard boards both hard or inflatable that are suitable for SUP fishing

Special Offers - Please contact us for details on the latest special board deals.

Demo and hire boards

If you are in the area you can try a board for free on the Gareloch or you can hire a board for just £25 per day and take it to your favourite spot.

Free Paddle with any of the above boards

There are a few other suitable boards please contact us for the latest special deals. We will make sure we offer you only the boards that suit you best.

How to outfit a board for fishing.

The most basic set up is in fact nothing at all, you can paddle a plain board with a hand line or rod tucked into a belt and you can fish ok. At the other extreme you can use rod holders, tackle boxes, paddle holders etc etc. It is up to you how seriously you want to take your SUP fishing.

Ideally for comfortable effective fishing you want something to hold your rod while you are paddling, a box to hold odds and ends and hopefully a fish and a means of securing your paddle while you are fishing.

The two specific fishing boards from starboard have the fishing rod storage sorted but if you are adapting a basic board the easiest way is to combine a storage box and a rod holder in one. Here you can see the rod holders on a Starboard fisherman, then a tackle box at the front held down to the tie down points and at the front of the tackle box is a paddle holder.

Paddle board fishing

One of the most useful materials for setting up a sup for fishing is the 1 ½ “ plastic pipe used for domestic back and sink drainage. It is cheap, easy to cut and ideal for making rod holders. I simply cut a bit the same length as my tackle box then cut a slot along it length ways.  I then zip tied it to the tackle box and it makes a great paddle holder as can be seen here for when you are busy doing other things and don’t want you paddle floating off unnoticed.

If you haven’t got tie down points on your board done worry we can supply ones for you to glue on.


Ion Tie down set - £34.95

To make a combined storage box with rod holder, the easiest way is to get a large plastic box, maybe with a clip on lid then cut a length of the plastic pipe and drill the box and zip tie on the plastic pipe and the top and the bottom so it can’t twist. It is up to you if you want to store your rod vertically or at a angle. But think things through before you charge ahead although the components are all quite cheap. Small bread crates make usefull storage boxes and you can easily zip tie on a couple of lengths of plastic tube to act as rod holders.

Most boards have the tie down “cargo area” at the front so you need to make sure that the fishing rod(s) don’t get in the way of paddling. Consider if your are going to want to troll (pull lures along when paddling) or just carry the rod to somewhere then fish.

If you don’t have tie down points and don’t want to glue any on then you can still secure things to your board by putting a roof rack strap right round the board. The extra drag is minimal.

Now that SUP fishing is growing overseas it is possible to buy glue on rod holders for inflatable boards as well as glue on paddle holders.

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